Peace Within, Peace on Earth

Deeply We Are One

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An Experiential Guide to understanding your divine nature and your true connection with life.

Deeply We Are One is an engaging and thought-provoking book that leads the way into the 21st century New Thought arena. It is an experiential guide to understanding our true connection with life.

Kate Heartsong is one of today’s newest and best-loved international authors. She is also a gifted speaker, empowering and inspiring many.

Her new book, Deeply We Are One will help you realize the interconnectivity of life, through getting to know yourself on a deeper level. This increased inner awareness helps you be more cognizant of your gifts, talents and personality, while giving you a new understanding and appreciation of yourself by demonstrating the importance you have in contributing to the betterment of the world as a whole.

Deeply We Are One shows you the light within yourself and within others, while gaining a new understanding and reverence for your connection with all of life.

Key Concepts:

• By discovering your inner magnificence you will have more peace and joy.

• Better appreciate and love yourself.

• See why your uniqueness is so vital to the whole planet.

• It is essential to know ourselves well in order to understand and appreciate the connectivity we have with all life.

• We see in others what we see inside ourselves.